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Zelphair Grant United States

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About me

Hi my name is Zelphair keata Grant and I love school. To tell you the truth I can't go a day without missing school if by chance that happens i'll be very angry and i do mean angry. Anyways another shocker is i get mad if the taechers don't give us homework but thats only occasionally. LOL(Laughing out Loud)


My lifestyle is how I make it and well to tell you the truth I'm living life large..... Lol


There are so many songs and singers but my all time favorites are Lil wayne, usher, plies, justin bieber and so so so much more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Movies and TV:

My all time favorite shows are George Lopez, Tom and Jerry, and That 70s show. Also my all time favorite movies are Matilda and Karate kid part 1 and 2. But most people haven't seen karate kid part1 and 2 before!!!!!!!!!!


I can play about almost any sport but my all time favorite sports basketball and track and field!!!!!!!!


Arts and crafts are the best. When i'm bored and i don't have anything to do i make bracelets, necklaces,rings, earings and etc.!!!!!!!!!


Oh yea another thing I LIKE THE LAKERS BECAUSE THEY ARE UNDEFEATED!!!!!!!!!!Hahahahahahahahahaha


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